Come for fun, leave with so much more!

Come for fun,
leave with so much more!

Play, Laugh, Connect, Grow

''Improvisation is the most important group work 

since they built the pyramids.'' 

- Bill Murray

Why practice improv?

***This is an example of an online workshop to show you the energy you will find with FEAST Improv.
We currently only host in-person workshops on the island of Tenerife.

Unleash your creativity, express yourself naturally, collaborate with others .... and laugh a lot!

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Relieve stress and improve brain functions! Forget about your work and commitments,  come and challenge yourself!

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Think on your feet, express yourself with confidence, boost your creative thinking and learn to deal with uncertainty!

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Be a team player and co-create something unique, everytime.


have been doing these improv workshops for three months now and have absolutely loved my time in them.

Gen and Steve work really hard to maintain a safe space and make sure everyone feels comfortable while at the same time helping us push our limits and find new ways of expressing ourselves.

I have made a lot of new friends through this and feel much more comfortable being myself, and the skills I learn in the improv workshops help me open up more in other parts of my life.




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What We Do

We offer a space where to practice and perform improvisational theater.

In Person

Play interactive improv games, get challenged, learn and laugh on the beautiful island that is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain! ☀️


Impro has meant a lot to me in these moments of my life.

It has allowed me to be even more myself, confront my fears and insecurities, my limiting beliefs, and has given me tools to express myself in a more coherent way with others and with the world in general.

Feeling vulnerable has helped me become more accepting of myself with my contrasts as a human being.

Going to the impro sessions is like therapy for me and allow me to express myself as I am. Also the feeling of creating teamwork and belonging to the group, it's been magical.


Costa Rica/Tenerife

Who We Are

Improv FEAST is a practice space for those who want to develop their abilities to improvise, communicate effectively and take strategic risks, as well as connect with a fun circle of people.

We organize in-person workshops to provide opportunities to practice, play, connect and grow (even if you've never acted before!).  

Geneviève Pépin

co-founder & Facilitator

Steve Mariani

chief Development Officer & Facilitator


I found this group by recommendation from a friend. It has been my first contact with acting and from the first session, the group made me feel like a veteran.

I have been attending nearly every week for the past two months and not only I feel more confident but I also have a great time each time, including the last online sessions due to quarantine.

This improv group has become my gang!



Where The Magic Happens

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