Come for fun, leave with so much more!

Come for fun,
leave with so much more!

What We Do

Our Workshops

Our vision is to provide a safe practice space, not a class curriculum, for everybody to unleash their inner selves through the experience of improvisation.

Our workshops are designed to make it a smooth process

Warm Up

Forget about your commitments and get out of your head! 

Each workshop starts with a warm up to get back into a creative and optimal state for the session.

Skill Building

Practice makes perfect. 

In every session, we exercise specific skills with playful activities that speed up the learning curve.


Show time! 

We put everything in practice and create sketches that never miss to leave us laughing out loud!

Memberships Levels

We want to make improv accessible to everyone through two easy levels of memberships.


Step 1

Participate in a workshop for free, from wherever you are in the world!

No commitment, just fun!

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