Come for fun, leave with so much more!

Come for fun,
leave with so much more!

About Us

Improv FEAST is a practice space for those who want to develop their abilities to improvise, communicate effectively and take strategic risks, as well as connect with a fun circle of people.

We organize weekly workshops, both online and offline, to provide opportunities to practice, play, connect and grow (even if you've never acted before!).  

The FEAST Agreements

To create awesomeness, we always follow the following principles:


Step 1


Enjoy the process


Step 1

Everybody participates:

Contribute with your uniqueness and adapt to what the group needs moment by moment.


Step 3


Stay open-minded, respectful and responsible.


Safe space:

Check your judgments at the door, feel safe to take risks, fail, be authentic, and grow!



This is collaboration at its best. Listen, communicate and co-create everything out of nothing.

Geneviève Pépin  

Co-founder & Facilitator

Geneviève is an accredited life coach (IAPC&M), leadership development coach, improv facilitator, and published co-author.

She built her career internationally, living, working and travelling in over 20 countries, in 4 languages.

Genevieve believes that improvising is the art of being yourself, and she uses improv principles in her coaching and leadership development trainings to help leaders improve their confidence and soft skills.

Steve Mariani  

Chief Development Officer & Facilitator

Steve is a seasoned technologist & entrepreneur with over the 25 years of experience leading high tech corporations, projects and teams from across the continents, building products and services enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. 

He’s now enjoying a period of extended (better yet perpetual) sabbatical while exploring different projects, and the much nicer and less stressful side of life. This has brought him to live in the beautiful island of Tenerife in Spain where he is engaged on several projects from different industries.

Steve’s favorite character is the stereotypical american southern red-neck and his favorite catch phrase is: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli!”.


Step 1

Participate in a workshop for free, from wherever you are in the world!

No commitment, just fun!

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